Visit Nha Rong harbor, Cu Chi Tunnels, find the old majestic Saigon

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Visit Nha Rong harbor, Cu Chi Tunnels, find the old majestic Saigon

Contrasting with the vibrant and non-sleeping pace of life, Saigon still possesses a quiet and nostalgic aspect with places that still retain their golden past. Let’s company with you visit Nha Rong Harbor, Cu Chi Tunnels to experience a different Saigon!

Referring to Saigon, anyone will think of a modern city with high-rise buildings, busy streets and a city that never sleep.

Visit Nha Rong Harbor, Cu Chi Tunnels, Find The Old Majestic Saigon

And after fully experiencing the vibrant youth of this city, why don’t we try to slow down with a Saigon that still preserves historical and time stamps.

1. Nha Rong Harbor

1.1 General information

Nha Rong Harbor is the place where Uncle Ho began his journey to find a way to save the country, the turning point for the arduous journey of national liberation.

Visit Nha Rong Harbor, Cu Chi Tunnels, Find The Old Majestic Saigon 2023

In operation since 1864 by a French shipping company, Nha Rong Harbor has become the largest commercial port in Saigon, a place for international trade and exchange. After the war ended, Nha Rong Harbor was restored and is one of the branches of the Ho Chi Minh museum system across the country.

Address: 1 Nguyen Tat Thanh, Ward 12, District 4, City. HCM.

1.2. Interesting activities at Nha Rong Harbor

Visiting Ho Chi Minh museum area

At Nha Rong Harbor, the museum area has a total of 9 galleries. In which, 6 rooms are to talk about Uncle Ho’s life and process of saving the country, the remaining 3 rooms are to tell about each stage of struggle during the resistance war.

With a treasure trove of diverse documents from pictures, sounds to artifacts, this place will lead visitors through a long historical journey, leaving a feeling of gratitude and pride for the merits of the great leader. as well as the blood of fallen compatriots.

As one of the French architectural works that still exists to this day, Nha Rong Harbor possesses an extremely clear “upper and lower west” design. If the house is European-style with many window frames, large pillars, archways, .. the roof is inspired by traditional Asian style with the image of two dragons facing each other according to the world.

1.3. Ticket prices and opening hours

Opening hours: Nha Rong Wharf operates from Tuesday to Sunday, according to 2 time frames:

Morning: 7:30 – 11:30.
Afternoon: 13:30 – 17:00.
Ticket price: 20,000 VND/person.

2. Cu Chi Tunnels

2.1. General information

Recognized as a national historical relic, Cu Chi Tunnels will impress visitors with its solid, sophisticated and special underground military defenses.

Visit Nha Rong Harbor, Cu Chi Tunnels, Find The Old Majestic Saigon 2023

To meet the needs of shelter, military meetings, weapons manufacturing, and first aid during the war, the Vietnamese army began to dig small underground bases, then connect branches to cities. a complete system.

Currently, the Cu Chi tunnels have been put into operation in Saigon tourism and become a must-visit place when visiting Ho Chi Minh city.

2.2. Special activities at Cu Chi Tunnels

Visiting the tunnel system in the tunnels

With a design like an ant’s nest, the deeper you go inside, you will see an extremely tight connection between the caves and small corners. Each place has a different use function to serve the living and combat process of the South Vietnamese army.

The tip is that the entrance to the tunnel is quite dark, so bring a flashlight and listen to the instructions of the tour guide to avoid getting lost or having an unexpected incident.

Visit Nha Rong Harbor, Cu Chi Tunnels, Find The Old Majestic Saigon 2023

Participate in simulation activities

In addition to the sightseeing area, Cu Chi Tunnels also owns an area dedicated to games and outdoor activities. Here, visitors can ride a boat, go canoe, ride a bicycle, swim or try traditional games.

Visit Nha Rong Harbor, Cu Chi Tunnels, Find The Old Majestic Saigon 2023

If you love physical activity and adventure, don’t miss the paintball mock battle, or the cool gun disassembly and shooting challenge! For these activities, you need to buy additional tickets to be able to experience.

Enjoy the rustic dishes

The tunnel area has both a canteen and a restaurant to serve the dining needs of visitors. Here, you will encounter rustic Southern dishes, familiar but the delicious taste is indisputable.

Visit Nha Rong Harbor, Cu Chi Tunnels, Find The Old Majestic Saigon 2023

In particular, having come to Cu Chi Tunnels, you definitely have to taste boiled tapioca dipped in sweet, fragrant sesame salt, make sure you will not missed this, eat once and remember forever.

2.3. Ticket prices and opening hours
Opening hours: 7:00 – 17:00.
Ticket fare: 65,000 VND/person.

3. Independence Palace

3.1 General information

Construction started in 1868 and completed in 1966 after many coups, bombings and government changes, Independence Palace is one of the most important historical monuments of the city named after Uncle Ho.

Visit Nha Rong Harbor, Cu Chi Tunnels, Find The Old Majestic Saigon 2023


Existing for a long time, under many different regimes, the name of the palace also has many changes. Starting from Norodom Palace, then the Governor’s Palace of Cochinchina, then continue to change to the Governor General’s Palace and finally the Independence Palace which is used to the present.

During the French colonial period, the Independence Palace was used as the residence and working place of the Second President of the Republic of Vietnam at the time. After the liberation of the South until now, the palace has been recognized as a historical relic and has become a tourist destination not to be missed in Saigon.

Address: 135 Nam Ky Khoi Nghia, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1, City. HCM.

3.2 What does the Independence Palace have?

Explore the monumental and unique architecture

Spread over an area of ​​20,000 m2, Independence Palace owns an area of ​​4,500 m2 with 3 main floors, 1 ground floor, 2 mezzanines, 2 basements, 1 terrace for helicopters. With classic white color, the palace is the perfect combination between modern and Asian architecture, especially still not outdated when it is more than 150 years old.

Coming here, you will be impressed with more than 100 large and small rooms with diverse designs and interiors.

In particular, the outside landscape of the palace is covered with shade with ancient gardens and precious trees. There is also an octagonal house for visitors to rest during the tour.

Learn about history at the theme park

The Independence Palace has a separate area for the exhibition of pictures, documents, books about the South in the previous period, as well as outstanding historical events. This place is called the thematic area.

Here, you will listen to extremely detailed explanations by the guides, helping you understand more about a glorious period of national struggle.

3.3. Ticket prices and opening hours:

Opening hours: Independence Palace operates in 2 hours:

Morning: 7:30 – 11:30.
Afternoon: 13:00 – 17:00.

Ticket fare:

Adults: 65,000 VND/person
Student: 45,000 VND/person
Children: 15,000 VND/person

4. City Post Office

4.1 General information

Located right next to the Notre Dame Church, the City Post Office is one of the iconic buildings of old Saigon, and is now a never-ending hot check-in place.

Designed and built between 1886 – 1891 by the famous architect Gustave Eiffel, this place was inaugurated and helped connect communication from Saigon to all over the country as well as the world. Up to now, the City Post Office is still operating properly with its mission, as a place for Saigon people to come and send letters.

Visit Nha Rong Harbor, Cu Chi Tunnels, Find The Old Majestic Saigon 2023

4.2. Activities not to be missed

Visiting the architecture of the post office

Clearly influenced by the French architectural style, the Post Office has a striking yellow color right in the center of the city and possesses many details and retro design.

Visit Nha Rong Harbor, Cu Chi Tunnels, Find The Old Majestic Saigon 2023

You will feel like going back to Saigon in the 80s with the dome design, delicately carved window frames, large old clocks right at the main gate area, long wooden benches, mailboxes, old telephone booths. ,.. All details are kept intact to this day.

Not only that, on both sides of the large wall, you will see the old city map that used to be extremely interesting!

4.3. Ticket prices and opening hours

Opening hours: 7:30 – 17:00 (closed on Sundays).
Ticket price: Free.

5. Opera House

5.1 General Infomation

Also an architectural work built during the French colonial period, the Opera House was started in 1898, completed within 2 years and became the first theater of the South.

However, in 1955, this place was changed in use, becoming the House of Representatives of the Saigon government – one of the two National Assembly buildings of the government during this period. After Vietnam was completely liberated, in 1976, this place was converted into a theater, returning to its original function.

Visit Nha Rong Harbor, Cu Chi Tunnels, Find The Old Majestic Saigon 2023

Address: 7 Lam Son Square, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1, City. HCM.

5.2. Must-try experiences

Admire French Gothic architecture

Inspired by Gothic architecture, the Opera House possesses extremely characteristic elements of this style such as meticulously sculpted reliefs and statues.

At first glance from the outside, this place looks like a small French museum by the dome, iron balcony, carved columns, large windows, steps leading to the main door… Going deep inside, The interior is extremely majestic with 1 ground floor, 2 floors and a capacity of 1,800 seats.

Visit Nha Rong Harbor, Cu Chi Tunnels, Find The Old Majestic Saigon 2023

Enjoy artistic performances

Compared to an art cathedral, the Opera House is take place many large and small performances by domestic and international artists. From cai luong, drama, to ballet, opera, music,…

Some famous shows performed at the Opera House are the dance performance The Mist – Morning Mist, symphony nights by famous composers, A O show,…

5.3. Ticket prices and opening hours

Business hours:

From Monday to Friday: 9:00 – 16:30.
Saturday and Sunday: 09:00 – 12:00.
Ticket fare:
The theater does not collect admission tickets, but sells tickets for performances instead. Ticket prices will vary depending on the type of show and seat class.

Seeing Saigon through a different lens, less the hustle and bustle of everyday life and instead filled with stories, nostalgic spaces and old memories will be an unforgettable experience.

Are you ready for a trip to Saigon historical landmarks to fall in love with this colorful city more?

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