Hon Mong Tay island (Robinson island) in Phu Quoc and interesting experiences should not be missed

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Hon Mong Tay island (Robinson island) in Phu Quoc and interesting experiences should not be missed

Hon Mong Tay Island (Robinson Island) In Phu Quoc

Robinson Island

One of the most gorgous island in Phu Quoc, Robinson island possesses natural beauty, unspoiled, less affected by human hands. Coming to this place, visitors will definitely be attracted by the beautiful beaches with white clouds, golden sand and interesting sea travel experiences such as: diving to see corals, fishing, ..

Recently, tourists are spreading the word about an island with poetic landscape but almost unexploited tourism. That island is Mong Tay (Robinson) Island in Phu Quoc. Many people are even willing to rent their own canoes just to visit this mysterious island. So what is this mysterious place that attracts so much attention? Let’s find out through this article!

Where is Mong Tay (Robinson) island?

Kien Giang has two Mong Tay islands, one in the north of Phu Quoc island, near Bai Dai but not too prominent. The island  that people often mention is located in the south of Phu Quoc island, in Duong Hoa commune, Kien Luong district, off the coast of Kien Giang province.

Hon Mong Tay Island (Robinson Island) In Phu Quoc And Interesting Experiences Should Not Be Missed 2023

Mong Tay Island is located between Ba Lua and Hai Tac islands, but it refuses to “join the team” with an archipelago. In addition, because it is hidden from the maritime route, few ships pass through. This makes Mong Tay Island no different from a deserted island, tourists also call it “Robinson Island”.

Explore Mong Tay (Robinson) Island

Mong Tay Island, an unspoiled island paradise

Do you ever wonder why people call this island with the interesting name Mong Tay (in Vietnamese it means Fingernail) ? That’s because it has a very small area, “small as a fingernail”, so calling it an island is not very worthy.

However, please don’t look down it just because of its small area and wild. It is not by chance that this place has become one of the most visited places in Phu Quoc.

Because tourism has not been exploited, the nature here is unspoiled and absolutely natural. The sea is as clear as a mirror even clearly to see the bottom. The white sand beach is surrounded by overlapping coconut groves. Seen from the sea, Mong Tay island in Phu Quoc looks extremely attractive with the curved crescent-shaped coastline and green vegetation. With these natural factors, this will be an ideal place for swimming, having the freedom to struggle in the cool, pure water playing with the gentle gentle waves and then rolling on the smooth sand. These will make you want to stay here longer than ever.

Hon Mong Tay Island (Robinson Island) In Phu Quoc And Interesting Experiences Should Not Be Missed 2023

As mentioned, Mong Tay island has not been exploited for tourism too much, so there are almost no resorts or homestay surrounding, no noisy restaurants or eateries, the population on the island is not crowded with a few households so it seems like the whole space is yours. So whenever you see a beautiful angle you can just hold up the camera and take a picture, no need to worry about someone interfering in the picture. Unlike urban places polluted by dust and waste, the air on Mong Tay island in Kien Giang is extremely fresh and clean so no need o worry about the quality of the photos.

Seeing the sun rise and set on the beach is always an extremely enjoyable experience not to be missed by travel devotees. After a night of sleeping on the beach, imagine the moment when you open your eyes, the first rays of the new day shine through the swaying coconut trees, behind the blue sky with white clouds floating.

On the contrary, watching the sunset on Mon Tay Island will make you feel a little blue. The space on the island now seems to be more settled, the feeling of being alone in the vast nature, witnessing the only bright light source is gradually being replaced by darkness that easily makes people feel lonely. However, it must be said that every moment on Mong Tay Island is an unforgettable experience for you.

Snorkeling and seeing corals on Mong Tay Island

The ecosystem in Phu Quoc has been appreciated for its richness and diversity. Thanks to the advantage of clear sea water and the absence of tourists, scuba diving to see the coral reefs in this place will give you very relaxing and interesting moments. With a diving suit and you are free to follow the colorful flocks, glide through the giant coral reefs and then wriggle through the green seaweed.

Hon Mong Tay Island (Robinson Island) In Phu Quoc And Interesting Experiences Should Not Be Missed 2023 Hon Mong Tay Island (Robinson Island) In Phu Quoc And Interesting Experiences Should Not Be Missed 2023

Fishing at Mong Tay Island Phu Quoc

Besides scuba diving, you can rent a canoe a bit far from the shore to fish. The experience of holding your breath and waiting for the fish bite and then snatching the fish is also very interesting. The loot you catch, you can bring back to the island to make simple homemade meals.

Traveling experience of Mong Tay Island

The suitable time to travel

The weather in Kien Giang Phu Quoc is similar to the weather in the South of our country, divided into two seasons: rainy season (May – october) and dry season (November – April). In general, the climate here is relatively mild and pleasant. However, because of island tourism, it is necessary to avoid going on a stormy day, the rough sea can be dangerous and affect to you plan.

Therefore, the most appropriate time to visit Mong Tay island is in the dry season from November to April next year. At this time, there are rarely storms but there is a lot of sunshine but not too bright. This will help you to avoid heatsroke and get tanning.

What to eat at Mong Tay Island, Phu Quoc?

There are not many restaurants in Mong Tay island and the menu is mainly seafood dishes. The price is a bit harsh, but in return for the quality, the fish and shrimp are caught from this beach, so the meat is very firm and fresh. However, it is better to prepare some pre-prepared dishes before you go. When you come to the island, you just need to light a barbecue and then eat while watching the sea.


Currently, it is extremely difficult to find a hotel or resort on the island. Usually people will create for themselves a “thousand-star hotel” by camping, setting up tents on the beach. In addition, people will only come to this island during the day and then stay at neighboring islands such as May Rut and Dam Ngang.

Hon Mong Tay Island (Robinson Island) In Phu Quoc And Interesting Experiences Should Not Be Missed 2023

How to go to Mong Tay Island?

In recent years, this island has begun to appear in South Island tours of Phu Quoc during the day such as 2-island tour, 3-island tour, 4-island tour. If you sign up for the tour, you will enjoy a full package of shuttle services, guides, lunch, boat or canoe rides, fishing and scuba diving equipment. So there’s no need to worry about anything.

If you travel to Phu Quoc on your own at Mong Tay Island, you need to go to An Thoi Port to hire a boat or canoe to the island. Normally, the cost to rent a private boat or canoe is 2,500,000 VND ($100). If you can share with other groups, the price will be cheaper. Note, you should choose to rent a vehicle from a trusted agent, although it costs more for the service, in return the boat is clearly registered, so it is more secure.

Hon Mong Tay Island (Robinson Island) In Phu Quoc And Interesting Experiences Should Not Be Missed 2023

It can be said that, in a hustle and bustle life today, finding a place to “get away from life” like Mong Tay Island is not that easy. With unspoiled nature, untouched by humans, the experiences you get when coming to this place will leave you impressed. Hope this article has brought you useful information for your travel.



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