CU Chi Tunnels Discovery Tour | Downstream History – Steel Land to Bronze (Half Day)

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CU Chi Tunnels Discovery Tour | Downstream History

Cu Chi – one of the historical places of Vietnam that has entered the “legend” of wars in the world through the image of a system of underground tunnels – tunnels. Many documents, books and movies have talked about this “unique” tunnel. Many tourists have come to see with their own eyes the unique “miniature village in the ground” in Vietnam. Besides, there are still many people who have not had the opportunity to come here. And that’s why the half-day Cu Chi Tunnels Tour was born. Joining this tour, you have the opportunity to return to the heroic land of Cu Chi and learn about the underground tunnel system that makes the whole world “tilt in admiration”.

Cu Chi Tunnels Discovery Tour | Downstream History - Steel Land To Bronze (Half Day)

  • 10:00 am or 3:00 pm: After about a 2-hour drive, you arrive to visit the Ben Dinh Tunnels – the leadership base of the Cu Chi District Party Committee during the war against the United States, a unique combat position. Years of smoke and fire was rated a National Historic and Cultural Relic by the State in 2004.
  • At the beginning of the tour, you stop at the Weapons Gallery. Here you can see the bombs and artillery of the US army and the war weapons the guerrillas used on the Cu Chi battlefield that year.
  • Leaving the Weapons Gallery, you reach the Cinema Room by proceeding through the approximately 100m long tunnel on the surface of Provincial Road 15.
  • 10:15 or 15:15: Come to the Cinema Room, before proceeding to the hall, you will be briefly introduced by the guide about the structure of the underground tunnel system through the tunnel section diagram. After that, you go to the hall to watch a short documentary about the guerrilla warfare of the locals and listen to an introduction about the formation history and development of the Cu Chi tunnel system.
  • 10:30 am or 15:30 am: Continue the journey to explore the Ben Dinh Tunnels, stop visiting and take souvenir photos in the relic site area with highlights such as: covert cover, camouflage traps, vents termite hills, trenches, battle hills disguised as military stations.
  • Especially with the “legendary tank M41”, you can also see and check in with your own eyes – the tank of the American army was entangled with mines planted in the middle of the forest by our soldiers in 1970. This is proof that the US military was defeated on the battlefield of Cu Chi that year.
  • Continue the journey, you will stop at the Trap Gallery, Recycling Engineer’s Workshop, self-made mine prevention system, wrought iron and Gift Shop. Here you will be free to enjoy shopping for unique gifts made from bullet casings such as gas lamps, lighters, ballpoint pens, belts and lacquers, premium fine art, rattan, bamboo and traditional craft village leaf products. At Cu Chi.
  • After resting, the movement continues to the Defense Sports Shooting Area. Here you will have the opportunity to participate in the exciting experience of shooting with live ammunition, which is extremely interesting and lively.
  • Leaving the Defense Sports Shooting Area, you move and stop to visit the Aircraft Firing Tunnel and Sculpture cluster, which simulates the daily life of guerrilla fighters with activities such as grinding rice, cooking wine, and making rice paper. better understand the image of the soldiers and the arduous process of building the Cu Chi tunnel system as your own eyes dig tunnels.
  • Keep moving and the guide will take you to visit the bearded sandal making site – a type of sandal used by soldiers during the years of the Resistance. You can not only learn the process of making bearded sandals, but also buy bearded sandals made of old tires as a gift here.
  • The journey to explore the Ben Dinh Tunnels will continue to take you to a stop at the war ruins left in the homeland of Ho Bom B52 – Cu Chi. In the process of visiting, you like to go back in time to those heroic years.
  • Leaving the B52 Bomb Hole, you continue to move on to the tunnel system and experience tunneling activities to discover “life on the ground”. Here you will be able to set foot to explore impressive unique tunnel works such as ambulance room, meeting room.
  • After the tunneling experience the guide continues to visit you Hoang Cam Kitchen. Here, you will witness with your own eyes a very creative invention in hiding the smoke of our soldiers at that time.
  • At the end of the tour, you will stop to rest, wash your hands with a unique handwashing system, and be “treated” with tapioca dipped in salt and beans, which is what guerrillas used to cook today. .
  • 11:40 am or 4:40 pm: Farewell to the Ben Dinh Tunnels, the car and guide will take you back to the center of Saigon. The Cu Chi Tunnels Half-Day Tour ends at 14h00 – 14h30 or 19h00 – 19h30.

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